What in the world happened to Pursevalley.cn and Perfectwatches.to?

Most people who have ever thought of shopping for replicas have most likely heard of Pursevalley and their sister company Perfect Watches. They were a notorious company, and have been up for practically forever – I mean I have been shopping for replicas for over ten years and have seen their sites up since the beginning when I first dipped my toes into replica bags. I was always tempted to try them at first, and did and I got burned and learned a key first lesson in replica shopping: you will make mistakes until you find a good seller.

But now their site is down (it has been since early August). I have heard that many people who ordered in July are hanging on by a thread as their money has been taken however their orders have yet to be fulfilled. I am not surprised Pursevalley decided to go out like this by ripping people off, since any sophisticated replica shopper should be aware they are a very scam-y operation even when they were up. Their bags did not last and their lies were aplenty.

Will Pursevalley pop up again? Who knows? When I think of Pursevalley now I get reminded of a childhood game I played called Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? I guess the only question that remains now is what in the world happened to Pursevalley.cn and PerfectWatches.to?

After perusing online I see that people were told they were moving warehouses and that all the products on their site was showing as sold out. Maybe their factory was busted or maybe they just decided to shut down their operations after screwing people over for years. One thing is for sure though, Pursevalley has left a sour taste in many replica shoppers mouth’s, and for many it was their first bad or mediocre experience when shopping for replicas. Whatever the case, whether Pursevalley got busted or shut down, I for one am happy to see them go, and hope they don’t pop back up.

Are you someone who has shopped with Pursevalley right before they got shut down and not received your stuff? Or do you have any idea what happened to them? Please leave a comment below and share your experiences to enlighten us!



  1. Mica
    September 1, 2017 / 11:53 pm

    I bought from them twice, five bags total – I had nothing to complaint about them at all! First order – one Gucci Boston, one LV Favorite and a Celine Mini – took 12 days to arrive after WU transfer – my second – a Hermes Evelyne, LV Artsy and a Gucci Dionysus – took 3 days after my bank transfer was confirmed – I was so surprised… not all bags are the same quality… Gucci Boston was beautiful – gorgeous! – after 8 months leather started to get cracked and the bag now looks like trash – on the other hand, Celine leather is intact, perfect – LV Favorite is no different from the real one but the chain is much lighter what I actually prefer – and the bags is still new after about 2 years of use. Hermes Evelyne is the same – no different – I bought the light brown one and seriously, the bag is perfect – I was in chock when I went to Dillard’s handbag event and compared mine with the real one – I was super glad because I wanted this bag so bad that I was considering buying the real deal but besides being “Hermes” – it’s a okay boho bag for everyday use – nothing special to cost $2500! Gucci Dionysus is gorgeous – could not find a flaw – heavy, very very well done. And the Artsy is very very good – metals feels a bit light but bag looks perfect…. SO why they are closed? Probably because they were reported or facing crime charges that’s what I think. I contacted them a few days before they went completely offline because everything was showing as “sold out” and they told me they were facing issues with their system and warehouse and they would be back soon. They said I could still order during chat or phone but I suspected something was actually wrong.
    I love handbags and I buy both real and replica versions and some replicas are so so good that I wonder if they aren’t actually real… because replica bags may be doing more money than the real things… I suspect! Just found your blog and love it!

  2. Anita Hajioff
    September 13, 2017 / 1:36 am

    I have to say, I never comment online but I ordered twice form purse valley and had very good experiences. My first order was a Louis Vuitton W bag. Purse valley was a charging more than all the other sites carrying it at the time but my orders wouldn’t go through on the sketchier websites so I ordered from purse valley. The bag was exactly as pictured. Quality compared to real? I’d give it an 85%. (I ordered a LV bag a few years earlier from a website no longer up and it was 99%). What amazed me about purse valley was the customer service. First of all I paid with American Express. That was my first safely feature because if anything went wrong I knew they’d reverse the charge. I received 5 phone calls!!! One to let me know the order was received. Once to let me know it was being processed. One to let me know how the charge would be listed on my credit card statement. One to let me know the bag shipped. And one to let me know they tracked it and they see I received it. Wow!! Last March I decided to order an Hermes Evelyne bag. Again it was EXACTLY as Pictured on their site. And they even posted complaints on their website about the the leather inside the bag not being “shaved” so bit of leather were still sprinkling off (and that’s exactly what happened to my bag but at least I made an informed decision.) the quality this time was over 90% really well made bag. They tried to get me to use another card this time. I said no Amex, no sale. So they let me use my Amex. I don’t use the LV bag I bought from them anymore but I loooove the Evelyne I got from purse valley.

  3. September 18, 2017 / 7:39 am

    They were shut down. Chanel went after them after finding out they were in business. The story is on the internet. I actually had good experiences with them. One time a bag was sent that was sub-par and they exchanged it and gave me a discount, however it did cost $50.00 to ship it back to China. I thought their prices were reasonable compared to other companies out there. I can understand why they can’t refiund or deliver on any goods purchased bc they got busted and everything was probably confiscated. U fortunately, that the risk we take doing business with them.

  4. October 28, 2017 / 2:11 pm

    What is the new site for bags and watches every thing is shut down😞

  5. Bmattingly
    February 6, 2018 / 12:39 pm

    I must say I only ordered from them once. Got a Gucci bag and a Louis Vuitton bag. No problems whatsoever. They were polite, easy to deal with and the bags are just great!

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