Perfect Hermes Birkin Replica Review

Ok guys I’m gonna have to preface this post with one word: O.M.G. I have found possibly the best source for Hermes replicas ever. Now before we get to discussing the actual bag I want to say that Hermes is probably one of the most popular knockoffs people go after. Why? Because it is extremely expensive, and puts a dent into most people’s budgets. I mean if you think about it, you can get about 10-15 Louis Vuitton bags for the sticker price of 1 Hermes – that’s pretty crazy considering Louis Vuitton is already a fairly pricey luxury brand itself.

What makes Hermes stand out compared to other brands? I’m gonna have to say it is the emphasis on the leather quality and the overall simplicity of the bag which oozes elegance. At least that’s what stands out to me. As you all know I have been a handbag lover for many years (since my teens) but I have never thought about owning a Hermes bag until very recently. Another reason why I’ve always hesitated to buy a replica Hermes is because it requires a pretty big investment (the really accurate replica Hermes bags are always over $1000). But I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase a 25cm Birkin (I love the smaller Hermes pieces) from Perfect Hermes which came recommended in an email from a blog reader. I bought this bag around 3 months ago when I decided to splurge on my summer haul (I scooped up about 5 new bags during this shopping spree)

The site for this replica Hermes company states they only produce 50 bags a month since they use Hermes’ original hand sewn method to make the bags so it was nice to see how much dedication they show to the process of making the bags. I purchased my bag in a natural tan color with gold hardware, and contrasting white stitching. The bag’s leather is amazing – apparently the import it in from Europe. You can see through the photos of the bag I have taken the immense quality of the texture. The hardware is also very precise – it’s not real gold hardware (they state no replica company produces it with real gold hardware), but it’s anodized which is good enough. I’ve compared the bag to my friend Michelle’s real Birkin (she has a big authentic Hermes collection – lucky gal), and the differences can’t be spotted by the naked eye. Here are pictures of my bag (get ready to swoon):



I also went on the consignment site 1st Dibs and searched a Hermes Birkin in a similar contrast stitch color and found it to be actually sewn with much less care than my replica. I found this really shocking since the bag is going for $16,606 on their site and I paid $1400 for my Birkin 25 which is 1/10 of their price.



I often see authentication guides calling out fakes for their sketchy stitching but clearly it seems that the authentic manufacturing standards are hell-bent on perfectly straight stitching either. I will do a more detailed fake vs. real Hermes comparison shortly to compare my bag side by side with an original.

Overall this bag was a great purchase and is holding up very well. The supple leather really stands out and I think you are getting an excellent replica for the price being charged. The bag came packaged in the Hermes gift wrapping with a bow and all, and they used DHL for shipping (which was free). Since every order is a custom make they take about 2 weeks to actually make the bag and then the shipping took about another week. The company took a deposit for half the price of the bag by wire transfer in order to begin the work on it. They emailed me photos of the bag once it was done, and when I gave them the OK and paid the remaining half they emailed me the tracking slip. It was a fairly smooth transaction minus the fact that my DHL tracking number changed midway through causing some alarm on my end. Overall though I really think they are worth checking out if you are looking for a spot on Hermes replica.

42 thoughts on “Perfect Hermes Birkin Replica Review

    • thepursequeen says:

      Hey hun I’m not sure if they are, but I’ve never tried the ones at DD. I guess I could have gone with them but since PH specializes in Hermes I decided to go with them and I wanted to try somewhere new! The pictures were also very convincing of their finished bags. If anyone’s purchased a handmade from DD please feel free to chime in and let us know how they are!

  1. Helen Hines says:

    Congrats on your new stunning bag but no matter how close it is to the real thing Hermes is one brand I will never obtain not unless I am a millionaire, socialite, famous politician, or a famous celebrity. Anyone else holding a Hermes bag will obviously be a fake no matter how close the rep is, its still a counterfeit in my eyes. However, other designer bags such as LV, Gucci, Chanel, etc…. although there are lots of expensive bag the price is much more realistic to afford for anyone but not a Hermes, when the average price ranges between $35K – 55K all the way up to $100K. As I’ve said, unless you’re a very wealthy person I am not going to believe you’re carrying the real Hermes bag. My whole purpose in owning a super replica someday is to able to fool everyone that I am carrying the real deal even though I am not, but there is no way I would able to fool anyone if I was to own a fake Hermes no matter how perfect it looks. You see, when it comes to bags like Hermes its not about how close to perfection it looks but more about your status in life, the life style you lead and community you live in. I don’t mean to put a damper on your new purcahse but that’s just how I feel about this one bag. Out of all high end designer bags Hermes is on a total different level and only a very few people are privileged to be a member to this exclusive club. In my opinion, Hermes is the holy grail of all bags.

    • thepursequeen says:

      Hey hun I can see where you are coming from, but I don’t think the only or main point of a replica is to fool people, at least not for me or many of my readers. I buy bags (whether it be a noname one from a department store to a designer like LV or Hermes) because I am in love with the look and style. I could care less about fooling the world into thinking I am a millionaire. If that was the only reason I bought designer bags I would feel a bit shallow. Could I really buy a real Birkin if I budgeted out my finances … probably. But if I can only spend $1400 on a replica and get the same thrill and satisfaction on a personal level I’d rather take the cheaper route… I don’t think there is a clear right or wrong here. It really comes down to a matter of what you feel comfortable with on a personal level! πŸ™‚

      • Helen Hines says:

        First of all, I am not trying to fool the world by disguising myself as a millionaire. Secondly, why be so picky as to how the bag is sewn, stitched, and all the criticle details of the bag if you’re not concerned about the quality and how real it looks? Since you’re not a shallow person why not just buy a look alike Hermes bag from Amazon??? Since you’re not a shallow person who cares where you buy it or what it looks like??? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Let’s be real here, you do care in how it looks to the put you do want to project yourself as carrying the real thing or you wouldn’t go through the extent of your search in finding the best rep bag out there. Just because I am owning it in telling the truth in how I feel don’t mean that I am a shallow person, it just goes with the territory in wanting to find the best realistic designer bag or what is the point in all this? Just own it, and be real, you want the closest mirror image to the real thing or why go through all the trouble in finding the best place to shop at? Stop fooling yourself you want the closest to the real thing because you do want to fool people just like me and lots of other women out there looking for the best rep bag having the same agenda or like I’ve said what is the point??? And you say that you could probably own the real Hermes if you just budgeted better? Are you serious all you’d have to do is budget? I don’t know want you do or how much money you make but I highly doubt you could afford with just budgeting your finances, its more like you’d have to take a second or a third out on your mortgage, if you even own a house that is. In conclusion, you’re right about one thing, it does come down to what you’re comfortable with and what I’m comfortable with is not owning a fake Hermes.

        • thepursequeen says:

          Hey hun, I think you took my post the wrong way. I was not trying to insult you or state you were trying to fool people – I’m not one to judge others. What I was trying to say was that I buy replicas to myself happy – the closer they are to the real bag the more impressed I am and frankly I find it thrilling to see how you can get something that otherwise costs a LOT of money for a fraction of the price. I love the designers b/c I am fashion obsessed, I love the artistry and care that goes into the bags I buy! And the Hermes I have shown on this post is up for resale for $19,000 not $35,000 and to be perfectly honest if I wanted a Hermes I would not go for a brand new one I would definitely buy a resale one, and if I REALLY wanted it, yes I could budget it in. Would it take me a year or 2 to buy it? Yes – I have no reason to lie about my finances. Anyways I’m not sure why you’re taking offense to what I said. This blog is not a place to tear others down. We are simply sharing our shopping experiences. If you want to be negative this is not the place to do it! We don’t care why people buy replicas – there is no right or wrong reason to buy a replica – we are non judgemental here, and your accusations are not appreciated. πŸ™‚

        • Amy Peterson says:

          Actually, there are pmt plans to purchase Hermes just like car pmts. But WHY? There are celebs who purchase knockoffs because owning the real deal can be cumbersome. Theft, mugging, stains etc. you’d have to be so careful in reality. A few can afford to damage their bag but I’d think most, no matter how wealthy would take care of their uber exbensive items. Why on earth buy a very expensive Hermes when the replicas just keep getting better. Many stars wear replicated jewelry due to the possibility of theft. That’s the real world we live in. If I buy replicas that are fabulous I can still have money left for other things. We all like to step into the shoes of the IT gal from time to time. It’s all good…..

      • Neha says:

        I completely agree! I am new to the replica world and go back and forth about it, but frankly, it’s not at all about fooling people! I think it’s exactly what you said, getting the same fun of the look without spending more than you want to. A lot of snobs think the only people who buy replicas are those who can’t afford the real thing, and will say, if you can afford it, get the real thing. But the thing is, just because you CAN afford it doesn’t mean you WANT to spend that much. In my case, I have a few high end authentic bags and NEVER use them b/c I’m too scared to ruin them. Whereas with a replica I think a person would feel so much more free to actually use and enjoy them. That just my 2 cents!

  2. Amy Peterson says:

    I’m 59 and only heard of Hermes a few months ago! Most of the world hasn’t. There are way more poor than wealthy and unless you hang within a wealthy circle you’re everyday friends would have to be told just what it is. Than they’d be quite impressed you paid $500 to $1500 for a great replica. Sheesh let’s keep it real. Many people buy at Walmart. It’s only the select few that have millions. I’m thrilled with my replicas and they make my day! They make me feel glamorous. And how I feel about myself is all that matters as you can’t please everyone!

    • thepursequeen says:

      Amen sister. Whether we buy real, fake, Walmart bags, or designer bags the point is to please ourselves and add a bit of glam to our lives!! πŸ™‚

      ps. you look stunning in your picture; I could definitely not tell you are 59!

      • sergei says:

        Hello Angie:

        As always said Thanks for the blog.
        I do not understand why this blog has too many stalkers and haters with false names and alias however, it seems to me you are doing something right and you create under no intention this kind of feelings.
        She hates the fact that people that is not rich carries a Hermes rep.You Angie don’t stop……lol. :). A big hand for you darling.
        Thanks and block the negative people!

    • Jessie says:

      You go girl! I completely agree!!! I’d be much less upset if I scratch my replica then try to frantically repair an original… spend your money on your family or on a vacation!! A bag is an accessory and if it makes you feel even more beautiful then mission accomplished 😁

    • thepursequeen says:

      Hey hun the reason why it was expensive is because it was hand sewn – using the exact same method as Hermes. I am aware of the cheaper options (i.e. machine sewn). I bought a croc Hermes from DD a long time ago that was machine sewn and much cheaper (about half the price). The stitching is more precise on a hand sewn piece! πŸ™‚

      • Yen Nguyen says:

        How was hermes purchase with DD? I placed an order with them and waiting to receive it soon. Im kinda nervous to see how it looks with DD. First time ordered from DD. Please advise!

  3. sergei says:

    Hello Angie:

    As always said Thanks for the blog.
    I do not understand why this blog has too many stalkers and haters with false names and alias however, it seems to me you are doing something right and you create under no intention this kind of feelings.
    She hates the fact that people that is not rich carries a Hermes rep.You Angie don’t stop……lol. :). A big hand for you darling.
    Thanks and block the negative people!

  4. Bella says:

    Hi was wondering if some of the links on that website we’re not working. I wanted to see the about us page and a few others and it said whoops something went wrong I’ve been looking for as close of an authentic as possible but would like a bit more info on the company.

    • sergei says:

      Hi Bella:

      Since this is a rep. company they have to be carefull with the stalkers. You should contact them via e mail and then will get back to you.
      Ask for what you want and they will help you.

  5. Alex says:

    I do not understand Why Helen takes the time to respond with all these reviews and do not get am accurate opinion about the real thing here” THE H….REP. QUALITY”
    Ah! I forgot she is rich and she has time to judge!!
    Thanks Angie looking forward for the detailed review.

  6. Yen Ng says:

    Has anyone ordered hermes birkin or kelly from DD? I placed an order ans still waiting. Hope it turns out well! Please advise!

    • Megan says:

      I bought a Kelly from them! I got a machine made and the bag is great. I guess handmade would be more accurate but my machine made bag is awesome and looks as good as my grandma’s authentic mini Kelly.

  7. DeCarla says:

    Hi thanks for the blog – I always enjoy your reviews. I tried to get on the site and was unable can you please send me a contact person so that I may purchase also.

  8. Christine Louise says:

    Beautiful!! I love your blog I’ve bought a couple bags from DD I would love to get a good channel replica . Would you happen to know if any good sites ??

  9. valentinablingbling says:

    Hi, I do not mean to be rude, but I think it is a complete mistake to buy fake articles… I wrote a full post about it, not to mention it is a federal crime… I should be careful with posts advocating such practice! Once it is in the net… it is public!

  10. meow says:

    Hi, I was so impressed by the birkin from that I decided to check them out and possibly get one. However, emails were undelivered though I had addressed to the email in their contacts page. Is there anyway else to contact them?

  11. Barbara Barbara says:

    I tried to contact but the email was undelivered and the form on the website had some technical problems.
    Do you know how can I get in touch with them?
    Thank you very much
    Best regards

  12. jenny says:

    I want to order one soooo bad from this website but I am terrified of being scammed! πŸ™ can you help me? like I can not find any other reviews of that site and stuff.

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