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I’ve been sharing a few email reviews throughout the past few days and I have a few more to add which have been shared by generous blog readers. This review was emailed to me by a reader name Rochelle. She shopped at  which seems to specialize in selling fake or replica Chanel handbags, and was not too happy with the experience. We all know buying Chanel replicas is about 10x more hard than buying your average replica since Chanel is very stern and keeps shutting down any replica sellers and that means there are many more scammers out there for this brand. Anyways here is the review I received:

Hi pursequeen I just found your blog and wanted to share an experience. I shopped with because even though I have a real flap bag already (in caviar) I wanted a lambskin and can’t really afford the real thing right now due to a tight budget. I stumbled upon and with all of the positivity on their  site I was encouraged to try them out but boy oh boy do I regret my stupidity now. The ordering process was ok, no complaints there. My problem was when the package arrived I was SO disappointed because the purse (classic flap jumbo) had a quilting pattern was very off making it extremely visibly fake! The bag looked nothing like what they advertise on their site and the flaws are very noticeable to the naked eye. The ‘CC’ on the inside of the bag was also wierdly done. Threading was coming loose and there was glue and a huge scratch on the inside. VERY POOR QUALITY for what I paid!!!! The leather of the bag just screamed fake and cheap! When I tried to rectify the situation since the website claims “90 day return policy”but I have not received a response in 1 month since submitting this request. Definitely not a great company. I tried to post a few negative reviews on their site and guess what — they have to be “approved” so I guarantee you they are only posting positive reviews which is why you only see the good on their site. My sister Natalie visited Mandy’s blog for Chanel and she bought one from the site they recommended which is 1 million times better than what I got from chanelpurses … they should really just change their name to Chanel garbage. Really wish I had listened to her advice and just bought from there.

I hope nobody else falls for their tricks as I feel scammed and I thought I was a smart shopper. I will send photos once I am home from work.

It seems as if Rochelle fell for the classic replica trick: seller’s showing a certain set of photos and then sending a poor product that looks totally different. Thanks for sending in the review Rochelle, and if anyone else has had any experiences (good or bad) purchasing from this site please share below with the rest of us!

18 thoughts on “ Review/Warning (Reader Email Submission)

  1. Rebecca says:

    Can you recommend any sites for a Chanel replica? I’ve been dying for a boy bag for years but cannot find a reputable replica site. Does DD make them?

  2. Danielle says:

    Anyone order from Smart Smith? I have heard some good things about his cc bags but am hesitant to pull the trigger and purchase one.

    • Neha says:

      Hi Danielle, I just heard about Smart Smith too, and I’m also trying to do my research. Did you end up buying from him yet? So far he seems like an honest seller, in fact him post on FB and his blog about how buyers scammed HIM. But there are so few reviews of his products so it’s hard to know. The only thing I could find was this one YouTube video from someone who apparently purchased from him. If that bag is really was he shipped, I must say it looked quite good to me! I’m definitely thinking about contacting him.

  3. Lucille says:

    I love Mandy’s blog and I also shopped at her recommended seller PCC. I just got my bag and its amazing!! The leather is SO SOFT

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